Narrative Reel

The Palooka.  Based on the Tennessee Williams play.

Lady Hunters.  Sneak preview during festival circuit.

V in the D.  Sneak preview of series.

The PA Stays in the Picture.  Sneak preview during festival circuit.

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 10.19.56 PM.png

116.  Short.

one shot dance music video, release TBD

Wendy.  Trailer for feature.

The Treehouse on Governor's Island.  Narrative Commercial.

My Brother's Keeper.  Feature.

Unplugged.  Series.

Brad Advice.  Series.

The Perfect Wedding.  Feature.

Darlingside.  Narrative music video.

The Disarticulation of Sarah Donner.  Short.

Book of Songs.  Feature.

Doritos.  Commercial.

*BONUS* One of the first shorts Lauretta ever made: The Somnambulist.